Things We Need Doing - 02 Oct 2014
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2nd Oct 2014

We need the following as of 02/10/2014:

Smithing of iron bars and ingots, I will help with this after my construction increases. The best way is keep a bag of hardwood billets next to the furnace (think 30+) split them into stacks of 2, and place 2 in the furnace at a time with 80 ore. Always remain at the furnace as the billets do burn fairly quick, you will use around 10+ for each batch of 80 ore. You will need a stick and crucible for this task. We will need around 10-15 ingots (20 ore per 1 ingot) and 30+ iron bars (4 ore per 1 bar) and 20+ iron lumps (1 ore per lump, need 30 smithing for this)

Farming, we need someone to gather flax seeds mainly, though we cant use them yet it's good to be prepared. We also need a wheat farm. You will need a sickle, shovel and fertile soil. Use the farming contect menu on the ground with the sickle equiped to look for plants (something similar to that anyway).

Snare traps, as many making as possible. Please store them in a sack and I will show you all how to hunt tommorow . To make them use 1 apple, 1 branch and 10 plant fiber.

Herbalism, you will need a sickle (not 100% sure on that though), a mortar and pestle (in the same craft menu as primitive tools). Combine herbs you find until you hit level 60. Once at 60 keep combining herbs for flux recipe, once you have found a combination write it down somewhere you can't lose it. Each combination is unique to each player, so what works for you wont work for me.

Replant trees, we have deforested a whole area. We need to replant or we will lose all trees close to camp. Simply go to the nearest tree and gather sprouts and plant in forest soil (not too close to camp though). If you can please also remove any remaining stumps from cut down trees.

Collect branches, we need alot of branches. We're talking hundreds. Any you can gather will be much appreciated .
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