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3rd Oct 2014

Hello fellow Myrmidons!

In order to get familiar with eachother and to strenghten our community you might want to introduce yourself to
your fellow citizen.

Let me start by introducing myself. Ingame Waicheun, RL Jan Willem, residence in the great(small) country of
the Netherlands and recently started this game by getting recruited by Achilles our glorious leader.

Currently focussing on masonry/construction and now also helping out ont the forums etc. 

Feel free to introduce yourself and what your interests are. and feel free to become addicted to our community.

See you ingame!
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3rd Oct 2014

Steam Name - Myrmidon_Achilles
In Game Name - Achilles Myrmidon
Real Life Name - Alex
Prefered Profession - Warrior , I like smithing and construction not to mention your wise leader!
Hobbies - Steam, Exercise, Painting, Music
Real Life Job - Care Assistant to elderly, fraile and those with dementia.
Country Of Residence - UK

My life summed up in 8 lines of words, feel so empty

Edit - Forgot my age, 22
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4th Oct 2014

Steam name: SuperRambo.
Ingame Name:Rambo Myrmidon.
Real Life Name: Thom.
Prefered Profession: I like to construct architect ect.
Hobbies: Drinking beer, training, playing on my guitar.
Real Life job: Working as a secuirity guard in the Netherlands.
Country: Netherlands.
Age: 19 almost 20

Well thats me haha
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4th Oct 2014

Steam Name : J2429
In Game name : Myrmidon_Jimil
real Life name : Jim
Preferred Profession : Farmer or Herb Guy
Hobbies : Woodwork, Games, and the pub
Real life job : Stay at Home dad, and general wife's dogsbody.
Country of Residence : Luxembourg(although I'm English)

sadly 37 years old and climbing...
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5th Oct 2014

Steam name: alvinamaru
Ingame Name:Myrmidon Chimera
Real Life Name: Alvin
Prefered Profession: Farming and Herbalism, I like cooking
Hobbies: Cooking food, playing games, watching movies
Real Life job: Advertising
Country: Philippines
Age: 28

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5th Oct 2014

Steam name: [OTG] Senzoba
Ingame Name:Senzoba (when I create one)
Real Life Name Toby
Preferred Profession:Everything
Hobbies:Reading,Writing,Singing,Mountain biking,Cook food,playing games,watching movies
Real Life job:Volunteering at a nursing home (paying jobs where I live are rare)
Country:United States of America
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6th Oct 2014

Steam Name: Draelgar
In-Game Name: Beorn Myrmidon (Beorn means Bear )
Real Name: Peter Hultgren
Age: 29
Location: Sweden
Hobbies: Games (both computer games, board games and figure games, even tried some role-playing games), Matial Arts (currently practicing Karate), Programming, Reading, Model Building.
Real World Profession: Student at Umeå University (Studying Computer Science), the aim is to work with developing games.
In-Game Profession Preferrences: Well, I plan to focus my character on the farmer/animal lore/procurator/cooking/tailor tree, though I like all of the trees except for alchemy/herbalism since that one feels hollow in its curren state. As for combat, I think I'll go for the militia branch to get access to spears and polearms.
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8th Oct 2014

Steam name: Captain Crimea
In-Game Name: Joseph Stalin-Myrm
Real Name: Niko
Contry: Finland
Preferred Profession: So far only herbalism
Real Life Job: Student at Turku University of applied sciences (construction engineering) and doing 2 jobs on weekends
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10th Oct 2014

Hey! Nice to meet you all.

Steam name: Duo131
In-Game Name: Duotine131
Real Name: Paul
Country: USA
Hobbies: Running, Board and Video Gaming
Preferred Profession: Miner or Logger
Real Life Job: Industrial parts buyer and Electrical Engineering student

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15th Oct 2014

Steam Name: Roberius
Ingame Name: Roberius
Real Name: Rob
Age: 32
Country: UK
Hobbies: Gaming, Guitar, Astronomy, Carpentry.
Preferred Profession: Carpentry and Farming
Real Life Job: Royal Mail
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