Descriptions Of Roles And How To Do Them
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Right click on a cell, go to 'Prospecting' context menu and click on the ore you want to find. Best way is to search in an 8 radius, as this way it can be now further than 8 cells down or around and it'll be easier to find.


Right click on a block of ore, and in the 'Terraforming' contect menu click 'Mine'. You will need a pickaxe. You need level 60 prospecting or more to mine.


The best way is keep a bag of hardwood billets next to the furnace (think 30+) split them into stacks of 2, and place 2 in the furnace at a time with 80 ore. Always remain at the furnace as the billets do burn fairly quick, you will use around 10+ for each batch of 80 ore. You will need a stick and crucible for this task. We will need around 10-15 ingots (20 ore per 1 ingot) and 30+ iron bars (4 ore per 1 bar) and 20+ iron lumps (1 ore per lump, need 30 smithing for this). To start smelting you need 60 mining, a crucible and stick and a furnace.


Use the same method as smelting. You need to make tools and misc equipment (metal bands, nails) before weapons. Weapons can be made at level 60. You don't need to heat the forge to 1500, it just needs to be lit. To access smelting right click on the forge and click on 'smelt a tool/weaponl'. To gain access to forging you need level 60 smelting, a hammer (make a blacksmiths hammer at a forge and anvil for best results) and a forge and anvil. You will also need handles (see Carpentry) to make most tools.


Exactly the same as forging, except level determines quality of armors you can make.



Right click on a tree and gather branches, inspect or gather sprouts to increase this skill.


Until level 60 logging you can olny cut down softwood trees. You can identify them as being generally thinner and lighter in bark, you can slo inspect a tree to find it's type. Please collect all sprouts before you cut down a tree so we can replant. To use this skill you will need an axe and level 60 forestry.


To advance this skill simply cut building logs, billets and boards from logs. Furniture can not yet be placed inside a building so there is little need to build them (except astetic features like a bench which we can probably put to use). You can also craft handles with a kinfe, simply right click the knife in your invetory and click on the craft menu for it. To make handles you will need softwood billets. To use this skill you need 60 logging, a hammer, a knife and a saw.


This skill is not yet needed within our guild, however when it is here is what to do. Right click a knife in your inventory, click on the bowcraft crafting menu. You will need different types of materials for different bows and crossbows. I have not yet fully explored this skill so unsure how to make better bows. For this skill you need a knife and 60 carpentry.

Siege Warfare Engineering

This is not implemented yet.


Nature's Lore

Simply gather plant fiber and search for herbs. Right click on grass and go to nature's lore context menu to do this. Herbs don't appear in inventory, they appear in the grass and must be gathered (see gathering).


To do this you need to find herbs with the nature's lore skill. Simply click on them with a sickle equipped to gather. You will need 60 nature's lore and a sickle to use this skill.


This is a very important skill, we need this skill to make flux (which is used to make mortar and steel). To do this skill combine random ingredients in a mortar and pestle, though write down every combination before you craft it (write in notepad or something) so we know what does and doesn't work for you. Remember each combination is unique to you, so what works for me wont for you. To make flux you need level 60 herbalism. To do this skill you will need 60 gathering and a mortar and pestle.


Unsure on this, will be added here in the future


Unsure on this, will be added here in the future



To do level this skill simply raise and lower terrain with a shovel. This skill is essential for flattening land and digging tunnels to ore. You can dig tunnels at level 60. To do this skill you will need a shovel and a pickaxe (for tunneling)

Construction Materials Preperation

To level this skill up use a pickaxe (right click it in inventory) and click on 'shape'. You will need rocks to shape, simply dig a tunnel at a mountain or any rock texture. At level 60 you can build a hut. To do this skill you will need level 60 terraforming, a hammer (for any constructions made) and a pickaxe.


To level this skill simply build forge and anvils and wattle fences. At level 50 you can make coops and at 60 you can make small houses. To do this skill you will need a hammer and 60 construction materials preperation.


To level this skill build small stone fences etc. And level 60 you can build bigger houses, we need alot of flux for this skill and buildings. To do this skill you need a hammer and 60 construction.


To level this simply build some of the amazing buildings available. To do this skill you need 60 masonry and a hammer.



To raise this skill simply pick apples from tree or gather plants from the grass (not herbs, seperate action for getting plants). To plant crops you need fertile soil, whilst trees (including apple) need forest soil. To do this skill you will need a sickle.

Animal Lore

To level this up, you need to breed chickens and hares in a coop, clean the coop out and gather the eggs etc. To get the animals you need to set snare traps up, see hunting. Remeber the animals will need food, currently apples work well with hares and unsure on chickens. To do this skill you will need 60 farming and a coop built.


Needed to make bone glue, leather etc. Unsure on best way to level except tanning leather from moose and wolves. A tanning tub and drying rack can be constructed with, well, construction. You need 60 animal lore to do this skill, unsure if anything else is needed.


Simply go to an oven and use the required ingredients to make the food. You will need an oven and a cooking pot to do this skill.


I know little of this, more to come later.



To hunt you will need snare traps, simply right click a branch in your inventory and click on hunting craft menu. To hunt efficiently you need to be away from camp/town and right click on floor to 'track a peaceful animal'. If successful you will see tracks for an animal, place a snare on the same cell as the tracks. Catching an animal takes 1 hour - 5 hours.


Unsure on (may be not implemented yet)


Not implemented yet.


Simple use the homecoming prayer (make sure you have a home though, otherwise end up at original spawn). At level 30 you can do a daily prayer for alignment, anything past level 30 in this is wasted as not fully implemented.


Not implemented yet.
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